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Making Sense of the World Through Art symposium

Friday 11 June

Making Sense of the World Through Art symposium

The Making Sense of the World Through Art symposium is part of a national exploration of mental health and wellbeing. ECU Galleries have partnered with the National Art School in Sydney to present Frame of mind: Mental health and the Arts. Artists and experts from WA and NSW will participate in this innovative public program to explore the mental health challenges faced by artists, and how artists engage with mental health themes within their work. themes of the symposium include: Making Sense, Finding Solace, Taking Control and Confronting Fear.

This symposium runs alongside the Gallery25 & THERE IS exhibition, Dark Side curated by Ted SNELL and featuring artists:

Tarryn GILL  |  Carla ADAMS  |  Nicola KAYE & Stephen TERRY + Lyndall ADAMS + Marcella POLAIN  |  Paul UHLMANN  |  Roderick SPRIGG  |  Mary MOORE  |  Sharyn EGAN  |  Anna NAZZARI  |  Stormie MILLS  |  D’Arcy COAD  |  Tyrown WAIGANA

You can find more information on tickets, location and program overview here: making-sense-of-the-world-through-art-symposium.

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