Full memberships are available for leaders and executives in the university art and design sector.

A Full ACUADS membership is open to executive staff of academic units (faculty, school, department, institute or college) responsible for the teaching, research and management of university courses within the visual art, craft and design sector. Participation is a matter for each university to resolve and may involve one or more memberships depending on organisational arrangements.

The Executive is elected at the annual General Meeting by and from the members of the Council. The Executive meets regularly to identify and consider issues effecting art, craft and design education and research. On behalf of ACUADS the executive will develop policy and represent art and design schools within the university system at the state and federal level. The primary prerogative of the Executive is to promote effective communication amongst its members.

ACUADS encourages the widespread participation of university art and design school academics in seminars, conferences and other activities hosted by the Council. In this way, the Council fosters the development of the entire collegiate of art and design staff nationwide.

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