Staff Mobility

ACUADS advocates staff mobility arrangements as a means of assisting individual professional development and sees benefits in staff mobility in the process of institutional evaluation, enhancement of teaching and quality assurance.


The ACUADS staff mobility policy aims to contribute to the professional development and experience of art and design teaching staff. It does this by promoting and facilitating academic mobility between Art and Design Schools including the possibility of filling temporary vacancies by colleagues from another institution on study leave, professional development or other leave. All such arrangements are expected to be developed on a case by case basis.

The process

Some useful guidelines in the process include: * contact should be made direct between relevant institutions; * studio space and access to equipment/facilities to be determined; * teaching responsibilities as appropriate; * research and exhibition opportunities to be determined; * engagement with postgraduate programs as mutually agreed; * limited administrative responsibilities as appropriate; * remuneration at “home” school level; * where possible, residential accommodation may be provided by host institution.

Getting started

There is no formal application arrangement. Rather, the opportunities are developed on an ad hoc basis. Staff taking academic leave are encouraged to contact the schools in which they would like to take up positions to see if opportunities exist. Arrangements are made between relevant institutions on the basis of opportunities available. ACUADS undertakes to promote and publicize successful exchanges and other relevant information in its newsletters and on the web site.